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What we do

To be a best-run business, you need to constantly innovate your business processes through disruptive technologies.


To succeed in this journey of constant innovation, TransAltus, as your Technology partner, can connect strategy to practical execution, leveraging Talents consisting of Business Analysts, Developers and designers and software Artifacts. At TransAltus, we bring several years of global software delivery experience to every partnership, helping our clients to create their own unique path to Technology-led innovation and deliver cool and sustainable products and services in an agile way.

Insights into our Innovative delivery principles:


  • Our relentless focus on human-centered and Human-Machine design combined with our passion for problem-solving

  • Our engineering excellence brings about timely, frequent and high-quality delivery.

  • We collaborate with your internal team to focus and execute on change management.

  • We leverage machine learning to automate actions from data insights and analytics.

  • We believe in reutilizing core assets while adopting future changes and innovation.

We specialize in SAP services, cyber-security, and new-generation technologies and we deliver through Exper Consulting and Managed Services Delivery Models



SAP Services:


TransAltus being an SAP Service Partner, works in tandem with SAP, to continuously innovate and deliver SAP services. What we do with regard to SAP services are illustrated as below:


  • Bring your uniques business processes alive leveraging SAP Technologies and SAP Platforms

  • Automate Business processes to maximize SAP investments

  • Ensure that SAP custom solutions leverage the latest SAP technologies

  • Provides standardized optimization tools and services to run the business in an optimal way

  • SAP development methodology and standards to ensure quality and upgradeability

  • A clear and well-defined governance model  across to ensure Engineering Excellence






We understand Cyber Security is a Journey. It's not a one-time product or project implementation. Our differentiated services focus on the following:


  • We set the Cybersecurity goals and board-level business objectives above sophisticated technology

  • We focus on the Enterprise Cyber Security aligned with 'strengthening the core' approach

  • We bring the best technology solutions and service enable it - so that you don't need to invest every time technology changes

  • We don't throw the baby with the bathwater - we try to use the existing technology to drive more business benefits

  • Automation of Security and Managed Cyber Security is our mantra

  • We bring Cyber Active security - that means it is active security - not just the implementation of high tech toys and tools

  • Our biggest differentiation is we provide  predictable outcome-based services and SLAs/ Metrics that make sense to business not just numbers - by our Crown Jewels approach

  • We work with Technology leaders - Securonix, Cymulate, Normshield to name a few



New-Genration Technolgies


  • We create value-based automation by using RPA - Robotic Process Automation. The objective is to automate what can be automated to reduce FTE and save costs. We make sure the cost of automation does not negate the benefits of people reduction.

  • We use data science to help you gain insights into customer behavior and hidden opportunities, This we enable by using the right AI ML technologies

  • We don't do experiments and learn at your cost. We use proven technology with our expertise - time to results is our goal.

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