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Remote Working during COVID 19 pandemic exposes your organization to a new set of CyberVulnerability

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Thousands of remote workers – working from Home during Covid 19 lockdown– a House with a thousand Windows and Doors!

You at the Bank/ Enterprise manage dozens of protection products in the cyber security area. As a huge organization, you experience daily attacks like any other organization. The infrastructure requires us to make many changes in the constitution and many updates. With hundreds of thousands of users logging-in, who work from home due to the COVID 19 pandemic, you are very quickly exposed to the level of exposure to various organizational threat vectors. We all think that our solutions protect us and block all attacks but it turns out that there is always something to improve. One of the amazing capabilities of Cymulate Breach Attack Simulation in the product is that they allow the test to be performed on a daily basis or even several times a day in order to constantly know the status in terms of information security and thereby identify the weak link. Our way of helping during this disruptive time is to offer our service for a small fee to help you validate that your security controls are working as expected.

Does the following sound familiar?

  • I see numerous headlines every day of new cyber-attacks exploiting the global COVID-19 related situation.

  • My SOC team is working remotely and there are big changes in the way employees are connecting and working.

  • My security projects and budgets are cut or postponed and therefore I need to make sure that my current security controls will protect me against a possible attack.

TransAltus - Cymulate’s SaaS platform continuously assesses if your security controls are performing as expected and generate mitigation guidance on adjustments to make them more effective.

In light of the current situation, Cymulate is offering quick, full assessments of the following attack vectors: ·        Email gateway ·        Web gateway ·        Endpoint security

The assessments can be performed wherever you are operating. One of our specialists will remotely take you through running the assessment and generating the report. The whole process will take a few days only!

You will get reports as attached, with all recommendations to remediate. This will help you to plan your next year’s budgets better, as you get an idea which is the weakest security link.

Cymulate is suggesting to carry out VPN Security Simulations through its lateral movement module. Currently, many employees are working from home and if their home computers have affected that threat will enter the corporate network when they connect through a VPN.

 You can do outside IN and Inside out simulations.  OUTSIDE IN

Deploy an agent on a home / personal computer and run a full-blown lateral movement.  INSIDE OUT

Deploy an agent in IMGAE and perform lateral movement and DLP assessment to check if data can be taken out through VPN connectivity. If you need any help to carry out these simulations

please contact us asap. TransAltus Technologies Pte Ltd

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